Enter the wonderful world of Lasco V

Welcome to a different time and space

We’d like to show you our very special holiday home in the heart of Périgord Noir. The house was built in the 14th century and is one of the oldest buildings in Montignac. Above the entrance you can read the original name of the house in aquitaine writing: „Viro Ven“ (through the wind). Set above the banks of the Vézère river, this home is unique in Montignac. You’ll enjoy panoramic views across the river and the centre of Montignac village: from the fort over to the hills of Lascaux.

four bedrooms and three bathrooms for six to eight people

The interior of the house combines late gothic architecture, modern comfort (WIFI, satellite TV, full equipped kitchen) with tasteful equipment and exceptional decor. Painter Jean-Pierre Noyer managed with its delicate frescos to give you a glimpse of what you can expect from the pre historic art of Lascaux within in the house.

These famous attractions of Périgord are around the corner:
You can reach Lascaux IV within a short walk.
Saint Léon, La Roque Saint Christophe, La Maison Forte de Reignac, Les Eyzies, Sarlat, the Dordogne castles are close by. Canoe renting is across the river.

Because of the elaborate decors and the low railing of the terrace our house is not suitable for small children. We also can’t welcome pets.

The kitchen

There are many restaurants close by, but if you’d like to go to the market and get some fresh food, you can treat yourself with home cooked meals in our fully equipped and modern kitchen. We provide: dish washer, American fridge with ice cubes, oven, stove, micro wave, washing machine and of course silver ware, glasses, plates, etc.

The living and dining room

The room was decorated by renowned French painter and restaurateur Jean-Pierre Noyer. He painted some of the well-known animal depictions from Lascaux across the walles. You’ll be able to marvel at the incomparable beauty of the Cro Magnon art while relaxing on the couch or having dinner with your loved ones.

You can seat six to eight people at the dining table

A satellite TV offers international TV stations and access to web services such as Netflix or YouTube

The terrace 

When the weather is fine, it’s best to hang out on the terrace. Here you can relax, have your meals and enjoy the panoramic view of the castle, the village of Montignac, the Vézère river all the way to the hills of Lascaux. Of course you can use the gas grill for a delicious BBQ.

The King’s bedroom

Our centerpiece located behind the late gothic window provides a spectacular view on the city centre of Montignac. From here you have direct access to the bathroom with a full sized bath and an intriguing decoration in a bird theme.

In the dressing room before this bedroom you can see one of the most beautiful frescos of the house: the legendary „unicorn“ of Lascaux.

The blue bedroom

We chose the typical rock texture of „Vallée de L’Homme“ to decorate this bed room. The „Valley of the human“ is that part of the Vézére Valley which was honored as UNESCO world heritage. „La Rocque Saint Christophe“ was a model for the art work.

The Costa Rica Bathroom

The bathroom next to the blue room is themed with tropical illustrations by Jean-Pierre Noyer.

The Princess Bedroom

On the top floor just below the roof, decorated with floral illustrations you’ll find our daughter’s favorite room. That’s where the naming comes from. There’s also a little bathroom with a shower and separate toilet.

the Green Bedroom

This little room offers two more sleeping possibilities in a double bed if needed. There is no extra bathroom.

The Lobby

We really like sitting here to play some boardgames and take our appetizers.
In the background you can see the famous bisons of Lascaux. The entrance showcases porcelain plates in a special marble-style mounting decorated by Jean-Pierre Noyer. He hand-painted the texture inspired by Italian art.